Thứ Tư, 25 tháng 4, 2018


                                                                                               Ho Chi Minh City, dated 25 April 2018

I. New Partners and Projects

Since 17 September 2017, ID Groups has joined the Landscape Architecture Association in Ho Chi Minh City. ID Group’s role is the honourable chairing of the Association.

ID Groups has been also active member and contributor of London Institute of Architects (Policy Working Group), Australian Architecture Society and Vietnamese Associations (Ho Chi Minh City’s and Vietnam’s Architects' Associations and Ho Chi Minh City Urban Planning Association).

II. Activities

In November 2017, ID Groups' delegation attended the Green Urbanscape Asia 2017 in Singapore. This was 3rd international exhibition and conference on Lanscape leisure, Greenery design and Construction technology. Our team met and exchanged with representatives of Singapore Institute of Lanscape Architects (SILA) and discussed potential exchanges, cooperation in information-sharing and capacity building. ID Groups also attended several technical tours around Singapore to experience different perspectives of skyrise greenery through experiential learning and exploring how colleagues push the boundaries of greenery design.

III. Capacity building and trainings

1. Heritage preservation trainings
Since April-October 2017, ID Groups experts have conducted training for a group of last-year urban design students of University of Architecture to research the ancient An Hoi Town in Hue City. 
The focus of the training was to help the group to find out a solution on existing residential quarter to preserve heritate values and facilitate local tourism economy. 
The final results were presented in the reports of the graduation projects. The graduates will continue to apply the knowlegde gained during the trainings and their results in their career and urban management process.

2. Guiding on urban planning on resorts and new town development projects
Guiding the thesis from developing innitial notions into more practical and sustainable solutions-oriented concepts, exploring local cultural and historical values, natural conditions and transfering them into spacial solutions which will bring more potential economic benefits to the developers and local authorities.

IV. Ideas’ corner
Antoine de Saint-Exupéry was a French aristocrat, writer of the famous novella “The Little Prince”, pioneering aviator and poet known for his lyrical aviation writings such as “Wind, Sand and Stars”, publicist for Air France, Aeropostale’s successor. He has blessed us and inspired IG Groups team members not only with his literary works but also for his great quote: "A pile of rocks ceases to be a rock when somebody contemplates it with the idea of a cathedral in mind". Take an example of single piece of marble became the Virgin Mary and her son, Jesus Christ - the Pieta sculptured by Michelangelo and it became one of the most beautiful statutes of the world. The art shows the great detail in the faces of the Virgin Mary and her son. Michelangelo's mind, determination and patience created universal and artistic legacy for humankind. 
What about you and your notions, thoughts for April. Have you shared with us and have we taken efforts to pile together your concepts into great IDEAS? 

Thank you and on behalf of ID GROUPS TEAM, we wish you all the best and  blooming April holidays ahead!